WU WOMAN VISIONARY WARRIOR MEDITATION EXPERIENCE is a thirteen minute audio journey designed to empower the ARTIST within.

Creativity is a weapon.

Ultimate embodiment of your inner artist makes you UNSTOPPABLE.
This audio journey is here to remind you of YOUR Power.

"Feeling alive and aligned with a renewed will to bring a new found peace ☮️ I also feel a new strength to fight with love and will to do what’s needed to be done ✅ I felt incredible the whole day.

- Rhyn Douglass Nasser

"Incredible experience. Thank you!"

- Linda Nezu

"When the fight was over, I felt it on my back - as a warm wave descending from the head down to the sacrum - a very subtle, but a very, very real sensation. All the back, and then all the body - warm, relaxed, but charged. I can still feel it even now

Being a warrior is something that I seemed to know as a child, but eventually forgot... Thank you for this experience of getting back to self"

- Jana Volkova

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