Wu Woman Academy of Martial Movement is developed on the principles of artistically expressing the complexities of consciousness through martial movement. Authentic foundational Martial Art technique and geometry of form are utilized as a pathway of energy. From there, we tap into it’s deeper artistic potential and beyond.

Wu Woman Martial Movements teach and enhance the unification of inner creative flow with external physical action. This becomes an expansive and evolving form of self expression, conveying emotions, and the telling of your own story through conscious motion.


"Strength and innovation, Svitlana is The Marina Abramovic of martial arts"

- Claudio Cappotto, Martial artist, Roma, Italy

"Sharp and fluid, the air followed her body. I felt like she moves the time and space...Literally "

- Mitya Staev, Professional Dancer, Moscow, Russia

"I attended the last ‘Brush your Qi’ workshop with Svitlana and was so blown away. I don’t know how we did so much in such a short time!! Everything from stances, to meditation, to flow with partners... it really was powerful. I not only felt my Qi but discovered a true sense of presence. I can’t wait for the next workshop! Svitlana is a true artist and her passion for teaching is inspiring"

- Michelle, Yoga Teacher, Los Angeles, California, USA

"For me Explosiveness & fluidity of martial movement course was not only about the cool forms. But about the life energy that is beyond every movement of every person and the tools I got - are tools that help me feel it, gather it, maintain it and express it in different ways. As you wrote: "Every day you are a Qigong master of your own life" and this short paragraph made me reflect more about everyday life, life outside the training hall, and I ended up making it my field of practice as well. Making every moment of my life a moment of energy.

But how can I actually feel the energy? It was always the question to me.

Practicing Qigong with other teachers I kept asking myself: is this "Energy" what I feel or do I do something wrong? Should my hands be warm or cold? Should I feel this or that? It was really difficult to make the mind to shut up.

During the course, as I've started practicing Breathing with sound, all these questions have disappeared all by themselves. This was probably the "key" exercise for me that have changed the quality of my life since I do it. I noticed how these simple exercises made 3 times each do change the state of my mind. This has now become my "magical wand" - helps me to recharge in a very short time during the long working days, changes the attitude to things and people and makes the energy to rise so that I can use it. Cool. Just cool? No ) Actually, I can't describe it to you how little energy I had before and how I can feel it increasing now, day by day! Thank you so so much for that!!!"

- Jana Volkova, Dancer, Greece

"These movements help you to find space in between not only with your mind but with your body in the silence of the divine understanding"

- Heidi Coker, International Pole Artist, IPC Ultimate Champion 2018, Atlanta,Georgia, USA

Indepth course testimonial by Anthony Ross